Yosuf Gurung Founder of WTFCITY


WTFCITY was inspired by the city of New York. In 1975 a survival guide was printed and distributed by New York’s Finest. Set of guidelines that helped you survive the concrete jungle. With a caption like "Welcome To Fear City", we could not ask for a better name or description. It was the perfect story for us to tell. With crime and violence at an all-time high, the NYPD & FDNY were being discharged left and right. Survival of the fittest took on a whole new meaning in Fear City.

Formed in 2018, we take influences from the '70s, '80s into our present time. WTFCITY represents the hustle and grind you put in every day while looking fresh. Our designs are rooted in the culture of NYC and takes cues from other popular cultures, Hip-hop and current politics.

WTFCITY Founder/Creative designer Yosuf Gurung is a native New Yorker and has fond respect for the elements of Hip-hop. He attended Parsons 14' to perfect his craft in design. As a former B-Boy himself, he takes all the experience that has influenced his life and curate them in his designs. Yosuf hopes to educate younger generations and create designs that can start a conversation. As the brand continues to grow, he looks forward to collaborating with talented artists and creators in every space.

- Stay Fresh

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